In today’s developed and modernized world, all the flood-managing equipment has something unique to offer its client. Fulfilling the growing demand of people, we have stocked our store with all the possible tools required in this industry for flood prevention.

Check out some of our super-handy flood management products to make your job easier.

WIPP System

The Water-Inflated Property Protector is designed especially for flood management and protection. It is made from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester and can be deployed quickly. In fact, it can also be inflated using any water source, available.

Geo-design Barrier

It is one of the highly accessed temporary flood regulating products in the world. The Geo-design Barrier is used worldwide, such as in many towns and cities of Europe, Australia, and the US. Capable of holding back the water up to 2.4 meters in depth, this barrier protects from all types of flood. It can securely divert the water from your construction site.

Some of the major products like dams and ponds also use this equipment for flood protection.


When water reaches its upper limit in the area, this floodgate door act as a boon and protects the place from any kind of damage. One of the effective yet low-cost products used for flood management, it allows flexibility and robustness for both residential and commercial products.

Water-Gate Barrier

It is reusable, portable, and self-filling water-gate barrier. Used mainly for flood regulation purpose, it can store water up to 2 meters in the container. With the ability to adjust in accordance with the uneven surfaces, it is also able to deploy in minutes in a flooding event quickly. It is also best for waterways or building reservoirs or damming streams to fulfill the pumping requirements.


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