Our company is a retail-cum-wholesale distributor of flood-managing devices, which includes flood log, flood panel (standard as well as custom), hinged floodgates, pedestrian flood doors, and many more parts and supplies.

Our unsurpassed customer services for years have made us deliver the best flood-managing tools. Also, we stay on our commitments made to our clients by stocking the quality appliances at all our stores. And, for your convenience, the stock is replenished on daily basis, which is updated after 24hours on our website.

 The highly trained experts of the company have ensured timely and guaranteed installation thus, satisfying all the needs of our customers.

Now, we look forward to working with you!

What We Do

To make your life easier, we always provide best suiting solution for flood management in your place. In today’s construction market, seeing the growing demand for efficient contractors that you can trust, we have developed unmatchable products and services to satisfy the customers. That’s why we have also created a certified network of architects, engineers, General contractors, and distributors. Some of our work also includes,

  • Flood Protection of Commercial Building from Experts
  • Appropriate Budget Estimate and Quotations
  • Proven in-house project management by Experts
  • Licensed, Certified, and Honest Team for Post-Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Pre-construction Assistance

Our Mission

First Flooding Corporation designs superior quality flood-protection products for different types of construction projects. Whether it’s a design or any other specification assistance, we are dedicated to catering all, using latest and advanced technique.

Our Vision

Founded years ago; the First Flooding Corporation works on the principles of excellent service and high quality. With years of engineering experience, our aim is to set up in almost every possible corner of the US, from where we can serve the whole nation.


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